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In most countries, road construction is a never-ending process, and for the companies that are appointed or contracted to build new roads or to repair and maintain existing ones, it is vital that the road construction equipment they use is in good order and that they have access to all the machinery they need at all times. Opting for road construction equipment for rent can be a very clever move for businesses that want a guarantee of high-quality machinery that can work at optimum levels.

It is said that as much as 80% of all road construction equipment sold by manufacturers goes straight to plant hire companies and into the rental market. For the road construction companies involved, there are also various benefits associated with the rental of road construction equipment instead of purchasing it. Here we look at some of the reasons so many road construction companies choose to rent instead of buy:

  • No upfront investment needed: Construction equipment can be extremely expensive, especially when bought brand-new. This means that a large portion of upfront investment is needed. Some companies cannot afford these investments upfront, especially if they need this particular piece of equipment at the beginning of a project, and as a result, they may choose to rent instead. This means that only the initial deposit and rental fees have to be paid.
  • No maintenance or repairs costs: Because the owner of the road construction equipment for rent is responsible for the maintenance of their machines, the road construction company that rents the machinery is not required to spend money on any maintenance or breakdown repairs. When renting road construction equipment, the risk of having to spend money on the machinery during breakdowns is eliminated, which means that funds can be allocated to other parts of the project that need it.
  • No depreciation concerns: Like all machines, road construction equipment also depreciates, but by choosing road construction equipment for rent, you do not have to worry about this. It is the responsibility of the machinery owner to manage their fleet and to know how to invest and when to sell their equipment.
  • Access to new technology: Road construction equipment, as with any other machinery, is constantly being improved and updated to carry out tasks faster and more efficiently. Rental companies try to provide the best machines available on the market, and if you choose to rent, you will have more options when it comes to finding the best, most modern machines for the job.
  • Hiring specialised equipment for specific projects: It is difficult to tell exactly when projects will materialise ahead of time, and sometimes, a particular task needs specific machinery. Being able to hire specialised equipment only for the parts of the projects it is needed for can save a lot of money, and prevent equipment from standing around idly and expensively for the remainder of the project when it is not needed. It also saves on storage space and transport costs.
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