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Do you deliver equipment outside Nairobi?

Yes we do. We deliver equipment anywhere in Kenya. We also deliver in Uganda and Tanzania.

Can I pick up/drop off the equipment myself?

Yes, you may opt to use your own transporter upon supplier approval. However, for your safety, and limitations posed by our suppliers’ insurance policies, it is favourable for supplier haulers to be used for all equipment deliveries and pick-ups.

Where are you located?

We have two offices, at Baba ndogo and Limuru.

Where are your equipment located?

Most of our equipment are located at our yard in Limuru, which is available for viewing. The rest of our equipment are at various sites countrywide.

Tell me more about the equipment you are renting.

We rent out road construction equipment. In addition, we also supply A/C plus pre-coated chippings. We also do the whole construction works as well if you need us to.

Am I responsible for damages?

In most cases, yes, other than ordinary wear and tear. For complete details on our hire policies, please refer to the Terms and Conditions which you can download from the hire menu.

What are the payment terms?

The payment terms vary according to the duration of the hire and client credit record. The mobilisation and demobilisation fee are taken upfront in advance.

All payments due under the Hire Agreement shall be paid via banker’s cheque, direct bank deposit and RTGS only. No other payment mode shall be accepted unless authorised by the owner herein in writing.

What is the best possible price?

The prices are as indicated on our catalogue, but occasionally we provide discounts.

Are the rates negotiable?

The rates are definitely negotiable.

What is included in the hire charge?

All hire charges quoted are dry charges and include operator salary and general maintenance. The hiree is to pay the operator a daily allowance for accommodation & upkeep to be agreed with the supplier. The hire period is as per the schedule below:

​​​​​​​For example, if you select the hire start date as of 22/06/2020 and the hiring end date as of 27/06/2020, the hire will be for a total duration of 5 full days (i.e. 27 days – 22 days = 5 days or 120 Hours).

How long is each hire period?

Operators shall work 6 days a week for a maximum of 8 hours each day. If the hiree shall require the operator for any period over this, the hiree shall pay KSh 500 for each extra hour to cater for such overtime. Regarding fuel, it is the hiree’s responsibility to refuel the equipment with good quality fuel. This is to be verified by the operator.

Who are TINGASHARE suppliers?

TINGASHARE Suppliers come in all shapes and sizes. From large construction firms to small owners/operators; to equipment dealers and OEMs; equipment owners from across Kenya have been selected following intensive due diligence on equipment quality.

What assistance does TINGASHARE provide during the rental?

We strive to make every hire experience feel completely effortless. We manage all contracts, payments, logistics and issues for the user and supplier so you never have to worry about the details.

Need help? TINGASHARE’s customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have when listing or renting your equipment. Email / WhatsApp and a member of our team will respond to you within one business day.

What if there is a breakdown with the equipment?

If there is a breakdown of the equipment, the supplier will immediately aim to repair the equipment. However, should the breakdown be irreparable within 3 days, TINGASHARE will aim to provide a replacement and the hire charge (for the period in which the equipment has been idle due to the breakdown) will be refunded to the hiree.

What is required by the Hiree before hiring equipment?

Before any equipment is hired, we ask everyone that uses TINGASHARE to provide us with further information. This information must be completed in full before the booking is approved. Information may include (but is not limited to):

  • Full Name
  • Valid Phone Number and Email Address
  • Business Name and Number (if applicable)
  • Liability and Damage Insurance Verification (Outlined in the Terms & Conditions)
  • Signed Hire Contract
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